Abrasion-resistant steel

Designed to last


The HS 600 category is for steel with a nominal hardness of 600 BHN. It is designed for the most extreme wear applications, generally involving sliding wear, where forming is not required. This steel is at the leading edge of commercial workability, with a hardness approaching armor steel. HS 600 can be an innovative solution for mining and other material handling applications.

DILLIDUR 600 is a wear resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 600 HBW in delivery condition ex works. Made in Germany by Dillinger, DILLIDUR 600 is used where very high resistance to…
Hardox 600 is an extra-hard and tough steel for extreme wear. At a nominal hardness of 600 HBW, it has a uniquely high-impact toughness. Especially suited for extreme wear conditions..
Made in Japan by JFE, JFE EH-C600 is an abrasion-resistant steel manufactured for non-structural applications where the average target value of surface hardness is 600 BHN. EH stands for EVERHARD…