While HSPP offers market-leading turnaround times on product orders, we always have the long-view in mind, too. When a new client approaches us to help them conquer a supply issue, our infrastructure allows us to quickly transition to a long-lasting and productive partnership.

One such opportunity arose when a client approached us because they were having a difficult time sourcing a niche material that happened to be difficult to work with as well. We presented the client with a couple of different material options from preferred mills in our supplier network. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we were able to begin trials immediately drawing from on-site stock on hand.

As time progressed, our client’s confidence in one of the material options grew. Once this was communicated, we deepened our inventory of that product and developed a long-term supply strategy based on usage projections to keep costs down and shorten lead times. Today, this partnership has evolved into an exceptionally productive relationship as we can anticipate the client’s supply needs and plan accordingly.

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For a company that works with some of the hardest steel on the planet, our services can be surprisingly flexible. Sometimes, clients ask us to explore ways to change our processes to make things faster/cheaper/easier on their end. Other times, we see an opportunity for improvement internally and make a change proactively. In either case, we like to say we don’t just produce steel, we develop solutions.

One example of our solutions-seeking mindset is through our work with a client in custom heavy haul trailer manufacturing. The firm has a very large fabrication shop where different components of their assemblies are built in different areas of the shop.

We analyzed the layout of their facility and developed shipping/receiving efficiencies that allowed us to enter and package orders to streamline the receiving process on their end. Thanks to this adjustment in our collective process, the client has enjoyed significant savings in handling times.

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On-site Inventory



Abrasion-resistant steel can be a tricky product to work with. When selecting the appropriate AR steel, it’s important to find the right balance between hardness and formability. The more abrasion-resistant a steel is, the harder it is but also harder to work with.

A client of ours in agricultural machine manufacturing wanted to develop a piece of equipment that would raise the bar for wear life in certain areas of their equipment. By doing so, they would have a machine that would provide their firm with a genuinely unique offering.

We worked closely with our client’s engineering and sales teams to test, prototype and eventually develop the abrasion-resistant components they were looking for. It was a challenging and uplifting process that was ultimately successful thanks to our customized in-house equipment and expertise in steel to push the envelope on what’s possible.

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Sometimes, a part is not what it used to be. That’s because there are times when a part simply doesn’t work anymore: perhaps the original manufacturer has gone out of business or no longer makes a certain part, or the part simply never worked well to begin with. Whatever the reason, we have worked with our clients in a handful of cases to redesign troublesome parts and develop a solution that is brings their old machines back to life.

The process begins in our CAD department with our programming team analyzing the part and recreating it from scratch. As experts in steel, we also select the ideal steel grade to optimize the part’s wear life and overall performance. It’s also possible for us to add customizations to the part if desired.

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No two brands and grades of steel are cut from the same cloth. They all have their own unique DNA; exacting chemical and mechanical specs to meet specific project requirements.

We regularly collaborate with clients to determine the exact material needed to get the job done and perform exceptionally for its intended use. Our proprietary ERP software allows us to quickly sort through all our material test reports to identify which individual plates are acceptable. Sometimes, this is a question of what brand to use, or what minimum hardness is required. Other times, it involves selecting a plate that meets a particular carbon equivalent or a particular chemistry restriction.

As a key link in our clients’ supply chains, once the desired steel grade has been identified we can build our inventory to ensure a steady and competitively priced supply of this material. This not only saves our clients time and money, but can reduce scrap and streamline shipping and handling.

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