HSPP opens a new manufacturing location in Thorold, Ontario

Mississauga, ON, August 4, 2023 – High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc. (HSPP) is excited to announce the opening of a new 91,980-square-foot production facility based in Thorold, Ontario, expanding its capacity for processing and distributing high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel. The Thorold facility adds a third location to HSPP’s existing manufacturing presence in Mississauga, Ontario, and Sudbury, Ontario.

“We have been operating at capacity over the last few years,” said Jason Brock, President of HSPP. “We knew we had to expand.  The Thorold location is a great strategic fit, featuring on-site transloading for rail as well as good access to marine transportation offered by the Thorold Multimodal Hub, further strengthening our supply chain connections. The new facility increases our overall corporate footprint to 173,000 square feet, and gives us room to expand inventory, add equipment, and take on more work in a way that we could not do before.”

With HSPP’s new location comes a new suite of production equipment such as the industry’s latest high-powered plasma and oxyfuel cutting machinery, new cranes, and new machining and brake-forming equipment. Once all the equipment is installed, the location is expected to add 40-50 new jobs to the City of Thorold, which is fantastic news to Terry Ugulini, Mayor of Thorold.

“Bringing back jobs is so important,” said Mayor Ugulini. “This is exciting because we’ve always been building homes in this area. Residential growth was booming. Now we’re getting the traction on the commercial/industrial side. We’re starting to see that take place and that’s great for jobs, it’s great for the tax base, it’s not only great for the City of Thorold but the Niagara Region as a whole.”

The Thorold Multimodal Hub is a 500-acre multimodal industrial complex adjacent to the Welland Canal. HSPP is the latest tenant to locate at the southern (Hayes Road) campus, a former automotive manufacturing facility which has been repurposed for modern industry, helping to breathe new life into Southern Ontario’s manufacturing sector. The redevelopment and consolidation of several brownfield industrial sites into a modern industrial cluster at the Thorold Hub is a partnership of BMI Group and HOPA Ports. To-date, more than 25 companies have located at the Hub, and the partners are thrilled to welcome HSPP.

Said Justus Veldman, BMI Group Managing Partner, “When you see these buildings that have been abandoned for so many years, seeing that first lick of paint, the new lights being installed and… you can imagine that 15 or 20 years ago there were 400 people working here, just being able to contribute… and do good in the time that we’re given on this planet is a great feeling.”

In contrast to all the newness, a familiar face within the HSPP family will be at the helm in Thorold: Trevor Thatcher, General Manager at HSPP’s Mississauga location, will be the General Manager of the new facility. To support its Thorold operations, HSPP is looking to recruit a team of crane operators, CNC machine operators, and CAD programmers. Applicants can apply with their resume and cover letter to hr@highstrengthplates.com.

About High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc.

Founded in 1985, High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc. (HSPP) has grown into one of Canada’s top suppliers of high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel products. The company’s product specialization and of years of experience have allowed HSPP to pioneer and implement value-added solutions for all its clients’ steel needs in these specialty products. Between HSPP’s consolidated range of in-house services and three manufacturing facilities, the company is the ideal one-stop-shop solution for both product engineers and purchasers of high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel plates, sheets and parts.

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