Steel plates to steel parts... from a single supplier

High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc. is a global leader in the processing of high strength and abrasion resistant steel.

We offer one stop shopping for high strength and abrasion resistant steel from full plates to finished parts.


Founded in 1985, we have over 5000 tons of specialty grades and brands in stock. We have 63000 square feet for production in our facilities in Mississauga, Ontario and Sudbury, Ontario.


We offer high quality steel plates and parts at competitive prices. We provide in-house cutting, drilling, forming and machining, without the added costs of extra handling by multiple suppliers. We have bought, built and customized our equipment to work primarily in high hardness steel. Our facilities use some of the most innovative equipment anywhere in the world. We are CWB certified for welding and our quality system is registered in Sudbury to ISO 9001.


Our team offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge, experience and support in these products. If you have a problem with product application, procurement, quality, reliability or pricing, please give us a call. 

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