How do I get mill test reports for my order?
We can provide mill test reports for any order.  Please ask our salespeople and they will email or fax you the test report.  If you let us know in advance that you require test reports, we can have them sent to you when your order ships.  We can also retrieve them after your order has shipped.
What is the difference between longitudinal and transverse impact test results?
Our “Understanding Impacts” document explains the difference.

How do I calculate the weight of a steel plate?

We calculate the weight of a steel plate using the formula: thickness x width x length x 0.2836 (the density of steel).  For example, a plate that is 0.25” x 96” x 288” would be calculated as 0.25 x 96 x 288 x 0.2836 = 1960 lbs.  When calculating the weight of a cut part, it is standard in the industry to add 0.5” to the length and width dimensions as a “kerf allowance”.  The kerf allowance captures the weight of the steel (or “kerf”) that is melted away as part of the cutting process.
What does “Cat 3” mean in “50 WT Cat 3”?  What are the Cat 3 and other impact test temperatures in the CSA specification?
“Cat 3” is short for Category 3, which refers to a specific category of Charpy V-notch longitudinal impact test temperature in the CSA G40.21 specification.  There are five categories in total:

  Standard Test Temperature
Category ºC ºF
1 0 32
2 -20 0
3 -30 -20
4 -45 -50
5 To be specified by purchaser
The minimum longitudinal average absorbed energy level for 50WT for categories 1 through 4 is 27J (20 ft lbs.).  For 100QT for categories 1 through 4 the minimum is 34J (25 ft lbs.).

Some of your plate is shot blasted and primed.  Do you have any information about the primer?

Please see these documents for information regarding Clabecq (QUARD and QUEND) primers (Hempel and Jotun), Ruukki (RAEX) primer (general information, International, and MSDS sheet), SSAB (HARDOX and WELDOX) primers and ThyssenKrupp Steel (XAR and N-A-XTRA) primers.
What are your standard terms and conditions of sale?
Our standard terms and conditions of sale can be found here.
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