High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc. has an extensive stock of high strength and abrasion resistant plate and sheet in thicknesses from 3mm to 6" thick.


We carry stock from Essar Algoma, the only Canadian producer of heat treated steel. We also carry steel in selected grades from NLMK Clabecq (Belgium), Dillinger Hutte (Germany), ArcelorMittal (USA), JFE (Japan), NSSMC (Japan), Nucor (USA), SSAB (USA / Sweden / Finland) and Swebor Stal (Sweden).


We order our steel to 1/2 A6 flatness or better. Some service centers accept wider variations in flatness in exchange for lower prices. We don’t buy from reject lists. We store our steel indoors. We require the surface condition of most of our steel to be shot blasted and primed, surface critical or, in some cases, coated with a rust inhibitor.


We assign each plate and offcut a unique bar coded number that preserves traceability back to the original mill test certificate. As a result, we can provide mill certificates for every order, even for processed parts. 


Buying high strength and abrasion resistant steels as generic "QT" or AR" grades obscures differences in quality between different suppliers. If you use an AR 400, AR 450 or AR 500 steel specification only, you may not be getting the quality level you need or expect. Our HS categories avoid this problem. When you buy from us using our HS categories, you get world leading quality without being restricted to specific trade names or brands, and without the risk of receiving lower quality commodity steel.


You can ask us for an HS category, an engineering specification or a specific trade name. In either case, we will provide the optimum results from a top tier producer.


For more information on our "HS" categories, please see the Standards section of our website.

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