Plasma Bevelling

Our Farley Atlas includes a bevelling head that uses the speed and accuracy of plasma to produce superior edge preparation for deep penetration welding. A continuous height sensor allows the head to rotate through 360 degrees and profile at +/- 45 degrees on both straight and shaped edges.

Farley Atlas
  • CNC gantry on 120” x 636” dual zone water table
  • 1 Hypertherm HPR260 plasma torch and 1 oxyfuel torch
  • 30 horsepower, 50 taper spindle

Machitech Platinum

  • CNC linear rail gantry on 11' x 50' dual zone water table
  • 1 Hypertherm HPR 400XD plasma torch with five axis full contour bevel head
  • 2 oxyfuel torches
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