Profile Cutting

At the heart of our steel plate to part system is high speed profile cutting with negligible heat-affected zones and high quality edge cuts.  If laser-like cut tolerances are required, the high performance plasma heads on our customized machines are up to the task.

Our typical plasma profiling tolerances are +/- 1/32” up to 1/2" thick, thanks in part to the unique design of our machines.  Our water tables minimize HAZ for oxyfuel cutting up to 6" thick, and our adjustable torches allow for oxyfuel bevelling up to 6" thick.

Good fit ups, minimal distortion and unbevelled edges have won us a reputation as one of the best profile cutting operations in Canada.  We have a special reputation for the quality of our strip cutting, or the stripping of long 48’ or 53’ plates into flat bars or custom flanges 4” to 6” wide, in HS 100 and HS 130 grades.

Our profile cutting machines include:

Machitech Crusader

  • CNC linear rail gantry on 11' x 54' water table
  • 2 Hypertherm HPR 260XD plasma torches

Machitech Arrow

  • CNC linear rail gantry on 11' x 49' downdraft table
  • 1 Hypertherm HPR 400XD plasma torch


  • CNC gantry on 11' x 50' dual zone water table
  • 6 oxyfuel torches and 1 Hypertherm HPR 260 plasma torch


  • CNC cantilever on 11' x 25' water table
  • 6 oxyfuel torches


  • CNC gantry on 11' x 52' dual zone water table
  • 6 oxyfuel torches and 1 Hypertherm HPR 260 plasma torch

Machitech Vulcan

  • CNC linear rail gantry on 11' x 50' dual zone dry/water table
  • 6 oxyfuel torches

Machitech Platinum

  • CNC linear rail gantry on 11' x 50' dual zone water table
  • 1 Hypertherm HPR 400XD plasma torch with five axis full contour bevel head
  • 2 oxyfuel torches
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