No amount of technical support can eliminate the difficulty of processing high strength and high hardness steel.


Stress releases during profile cutting can mean warped or out of flat parts. Highly alloyed chemistries can reduce tool life and result in out of tolerance parts. High yield and tensile strengths can create cracking during forming. Sharp and unground edges can leave stress risers for crack propagation. Mismanaging the heat affected zone leads to uneven wear life and crack senstivity. Proper preheating, torch speed and consumables are critical.


Poor execution in any one of these areas can result in microcracking that becomes apparent only after parts are in service. Why work with part suppliers for whom high strength and high hardness steel is not a primary area of expertise or even a main product line? There is no substitute for experienced people with specialized equipment.


Let us do the hard stuff.


Our processing capabilities include:


  • CNC oxyfuel cutting up to 6” and high performance plasma up to 2”;
  • underwater cutting to control distortion and HAZ;
  • plate stripping for flat bar up to 53’;
  • CNC drilling, tapping, countersinking and counterboring;
  • CNC 3-axis machining and milling;
  • CNC brake press forming up to 2000 tons x 16’ wide;
  • Full contour 5 axis CNC plasma bevelling; 
  • in-house CAD;
  • bevelling; and
  • CWB certified welding.
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